Nursery Class

Wallace Hall Nursery Class offers a warm welcome to all children in their pre-school years. The Nursery is attached to the new Primary/Academy School which was completed in February 2010. The Nursery is a secure unit with an indoor and outdoor area for play. For admission eligibility please see the Nursery Admissions Guildines.

Below we explain the routines and policies we have in place, for a greater understanding of what your child will experience at nursery.

Our Aims

Wallace Hall Nursery staff are committed:

  • To provide a happy, secure, well-ordered and stimulating environment for all the children.
  • To encourage the emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual development of the children.
  • To encourage positive attitudes to self and others – developing confidence and self esteem.
  • To encourage pupils to have a caring attitude towards each other and to develop a sense of responsibility and social awareness towards the community.
  • To create opportunities for play.
  • To encourage children to explore the world, stimulate their interest and imagination and to encourage an enquiring mind.
  • To ensure there is challenge and enjoyment, progression, depth, breadth, relevance, coherence, personalisation and choice for all young learners.
  • To foster supportive and effective home and nursery links.

Children develop a feeling of security and confidence when they know that parents/carers and teachers are working together. We look forward to working with your family to make your child’s time at Nursery rewarding and to ensure a smooth transition into Primary One.
Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help. You can phone us or meet us at the Nursery at a time convenient to both.

Our Journey of Excellence

Play and active learning is central to our nursery curriculum. It allows children to learn how to share and be part of a group, or how to observe and join in when they feel ready.
We create a learning environment which encourages young children to fully engage in their learning and development.
We offer children experiences and opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills related to the following curriculum areas within
The Curriculum for Excellence:

Expressive Arts Health and Well Being
Language Mathematics
Religious and Moral education Science
Social Studies Technologies

The purpose of the Curriculum for Excellence is encapsulated in the four capacities, to enable each child or young person to be:

  • A successful learner.
  • A confident individual.
  • A responsible citizen.
  • An effective contributor.


We offer placements for ten half day sessions.

Morning Session 9am – 11.30am
Afternoon Session 12.30pm – 3pm

Please try and be prompt when bringing and collecting your child from Nursery, as children like routine and it is essential for your child’s sense of security.